We met at EMCA (french animation school), and we always wanted to make film together, because we had the same desires of realization and a complementary approach in our way of mind.

It’s always difficult to talk about our work in the first person, because it’s not two directors, but the fruit of a homogeneous and inseparable mixture. This complicity does not gnaw on us, but on the contrary, we come out accomplished and even grow from every project we’ve done together.

This was the case for « amour », a documentary film made during the workshop EMCA-Creadoc, in 2nd year with Raphaële Raffort and Jihua Zhu. This first experience having gone very well, we naturally decided to make our graduation film together: « It’s wet! ».
And here we are again for a third film, which we are currently writing: Flower-On-Cauli.